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The Humidor

Cigar Storage
Temperature Control
Humidity management – 70%-74%
Perfect Storage conditions

The Cutter

Cutting a Cigar

Create an opening that ensures a smooth flow for the cigar smoke
Cut the cigar on the shoulder leaving some of the cigar cap’ still on
Too much of the cap off: Wrapper may unravel
Too little of the cap off: Draw may get tough

Lighting a Cigar

Hold your cigar above the flame of the lighter
Rotate the cigar until the foot is evenly charred
Place cigar to your lips with the flame still under the foot.
Puff gently until the flames jump up
Blow on the foot to ensure the burn is even
Always use – a butane lighter / cedar spill / cigar match-stick
Never use – a petrol lighter / candle / wax match
These impart odors that the cigar may absorb

Smoking a Cigar

‘Chew on the cigar smoke’ – don’t inhale it
Flavour = Taste + Aroma
Finer nuances of flavour are in the aroma of the smoke
Leathery / Spicy / Earthy
Creamy / Toasty/ Woody / Nutty
Rich, balanced, well-rounded
Full, medium-bodied, robust, light’ smoke
Notes of Cedar / Licorice / Cocoa

Ash / Relight a Cigar

Tipping the Ash
Do not tap a Cigar like a cigarette
When the ash of the cigar is long enough to fall on its own, bring it to the edge of the ashtray and gently ‘tip the ash off’
If you puff on your cigar once every minute, it should stay lit
If the cigar flame goes out. it is OK to relight it
Tip the ashes off into an ashtray and
Apply the lighter as before
Do not cut a cigar to smoke it later

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