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Leaf Positions on Tobacco plant

Ligero – More strength, flavour, and oil (sour taste)
Viso – Less strength and flavour than ligero leaves but more than seco leaves (Salty and sour taste)
Seco – Medium strength (sweet taste)
Volado – Less flavour, high rate of combustion, finer leaves

Types of Cigars

Hand-rolled Cigars
All premium cigars are hand-rolled with high-quality wrapper and long-filler
Hand-rollers can use delicate wrapper leaves (v/s machines)

Machine-made Cigars
Made entirely by machine
Use heavier wrappers and binders and (mostly) short-filler

Anatomy of a Cigar

The Fillers

Long-Filler cigars are made of complete tobacco leaves and are, with very few exceptions, completely manufactured by hand.
Medium-Filler cigars use tobacco pieces from the Long-filler production and half or entire tobacco leaves depending on the ring gauge..
Short-filler cigars are constructed of shredded tobacco and are completely machine-made. They burn faster than a long- or a medium-filler

Cigars Colour spectrum

Primary Shapes

Popular Styles

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