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Pre Event Marketing Plan

  • Logo in all the nomination forms
  • Logo in media releases & updates
  • Brand mention – IOW awards Ceremony
  • 20 Week campaign on Social Media including Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Name & Logo on
  • Email campaigns – Name & Logo
  • Website – Whisky Magazine, UK
  • IOW Awards announcement in 6 cities
  • Logo on Digital Campaign – As allowed by Legal & ASCI Guidelines
  • Branding opportunity at IOW Judges Round

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Event Marketing Plan

  • Branding on screen
  • Exclusive appreciation opportunity
  • Logo on all the certificates ( for Spirit companies, it will be only for Bar Awards )
  • Announcements as Partners during presentation
  • Branding on Digital Presentation
  • “Awards Distribution” to one category
  • Branded E-Bar
  • Logo on the media release

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Post event Marketing Plan

  • Celebration at the IOW Bar of the Year – Pouring Brand, venue branding & invites
  • Media release logo
  • E-mailers to 800 Bars
  • Mention in IOW, India feature, in Whisky Magazine, UK
  • Campaign on Integrated Social Media – including Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn and YouTube

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