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Private’s Members Club & Membership Programme


The Spirits & Rituals is India’s Finest Spirits, Leisure & Lifestyle platform. It is an entity for Enthusiasts who enjoy
Spirits as a Lifestyle. A Platform for people with a quest for Bespoke Experiences, Travel & Luxury. The Spirits & Rituals offers a range of
handcrafted Products, Services & Experiences, which can by customized.

A First of its Kind, Private Members Club. By Invitation Only.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Spirits & Rituals.

Farm to Fork Tour

A Curated Farm Tour – Seasonal Produce.
Pluck & Cook at the farm.
Curated & executed by a team of Chef.
A Walk Through of Crops by a Farmer One day Visitation.
Opportunity – Team & family bonding.

Lifestyle Masterclass

A “Luxury Living Master Class”.
Global Trends on Spirits & Cuisine.
Engagement with Spirit Styles & Cuisine and Culture.
Hosted by experts & supported with customized Experiences.
Customization based on Guest Profile.
First of its kind in India

World Whisky Voyage

Specific Whiskies from relatively lesser-known distilleries.
Global Whisky Selection: Taiwan, Holland, South Africa, Sweden, Wales, Australia, Canada, France.
Paired with Cuisine matching the country.

World Gin Voyage

Formal Engagement with GIN over an Appreciation.
A Private Tasting Experience.
Nosing & Tasting of 8-12 types of exclusive Gin’s.
An Innovative Gin Master class, curated & presented by Gin Expert.
Tapas paired with Spirits, Styles & Evening Theme.
Types of GIN – London Dry. Old Tom. Sloe. Infused. Plymouth. Genever.

Bubbly in a Bubble

Sparkling Wine lunch with friends & “Known Strangers”.
Limited Number of guests.
Chef Curated prefixed Menu.
Paired with Sparkling Wine.
Curated Service Design.
Formal Wine Appreciation with Fine Cuisine.

Malt & Cigar

Concept – Cigars, Single Malt & BBQ.
Location – Hotels. Private Estates. Restaurants – Outdoor.
The Experience – Curated Whisky & Cigar Session.
Nosing & Tasting of The Experience – Whisky Ambassador & Cigar Expert.
Style of Whisky – Single Malts. Blends. Grain Whiskies.
Style of Cigar – Country. Taste. Style.

The Davidoff Mountain Retreat

Carefully crafted pairings with food, cigars and fine spirits.
Mary Budden Estate, Binsar.
Art of Cigar and Malt Pairing.
Cognac, Cigar & Chocolate Pairing.
Eventide Coven – Local Kumaon cuisine, broth and music.
Himalayan Lunch with seasonal produce.
Wild Cat Brunch – live grills and cocktails.

The Cherrypicked Blossom Season

Discover Spring in Japan, with a Trail Cherry Blossom Trees.
Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka.
Sakura – Cherry Blossom Panoramas.
Strawberry hunting & plucking.
Historical Hiroshima.
Witness – Sumo Basho – A wrestling tournament.
Engagement in Soba Noodle making.
Tour of Kirin / Suntory Brewery & Sake Tasting.

Camping in Scotland

Luxury bespoke campsite created in the woods, Scotland.
Locally sourced Scottish BBQ with Whisky and Cigar Pairing.
Adventure Day – A full day which can include morning Wim Hof session, abseiling, quad biking, clay shooting, a distillery visit & a falconry display, with a pub visit to finish.

Corporate Off-sites

Masterclass on Global Spirits (Whisky. Gin. Rum).
Hotels & High-End Lounges.
Style of Whisky – Premium Single Malts & Contemporary Gins. Paired with Styles of Food.
Experience – Nosing & Tasting of Spirits. Identification of the Personal Nose & Palate.

Michters, USA

Declared the Best American Whiskey in the World.
Private Tour of the Distillery.
Historic Tour.
Tasting with the Master Blender.
Pairing with American Cuisine.
Taste a cocktail featuring one of Michter’s US*1 expressions in the world class bar at Fort Nelson.

Himalayan Gin Retreat

Artisanal Indian gins & a global range
Resort in the Himalayas
Classic & Contemporary
Gin focused Cocktails & Gin Appreciation sessions

Signature Labels and Casks to Private Casks.

A Unique Cask or Selection of Premium Whisky. Selected, by an international team of Whisky experts. Personalized or Private Label collection. A Pure & Unique expression of the world’s finest Spirits. Investment Worthy Casks Offering High Returns

Cocktail Masterclass

Cocktail Masterclass with a leading mixologist.
The art of making cocktails
Understanding the ingredients
How to make classic cocktails
Cocktail making competition
Plated 3 course dinner by a leading chef
Digestif Cocktail to end the night

Whisky Investments

Premium grade whiskies – Investment worthy, offering high returns. Identify & create unique, ultra-premium & rare collection of whiskies. Develop a High Value Whisky asset. Evaluate investment at international showcases. Build and sustain value & collection. Whiskies from Limited Editions, Single Casks, Aged stocks, Closed Distilleries offer an opportunity. Investment in future casks

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